When you can’t go on anymore
I’ll pick you up off the floor
Just put your hand in mine
Everything will be just fine
You just gotta hold on

Lost soul and she’s barely even grown
Crying in her dreams
She covers up her screams
Anything to set her free
You don’t have to run away

Sharon co-wrote this song with her producer, Dan Voss, Jr. The track was recorded at Studio City Sound by Tom Weir. The trumpet solo and horn arrangements were done by beloved friend, the late, great Steve Madaio. The rap’s by William ‘Junebug’ Lee.

Sharon, Dan Voss, Jr. and Basil Fung wrote the tune. Sharon keeps her fans guessing what’s coming next. On “Frazzelmatic” Sharon and the band get funky on top of a solid soulful groove that’ll have you tapping your feet and heading for the dance floor.

Sharon delivers a beautiful reading and distinct interpretation of the Marissa Dodge song that the great Lena Horne described as, “…a beautiful poem, it reminds me of something Billy Strayhorn would write.”

Tracks Include:

  1. Believe and Become
  2. Hold On
  3. Adaleigh (Run Away)
  4. River Run
  5. Love Ain’t Fair