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“I’ll make a choice, I’ll take a chance to explore a whole new world. As sure as the night turns into the day I’m starting to find my way…”

Adaleigh (Run Away)

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Lost soul and she’s barely even grown
Crying in her dreams
She covers up her screams
Anything to set her free
You don’t have to run away

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The closing number to Barry Manilow's hits medley.

About Sharon Hendrix

A Little Background

Sharon is never predictable; her virtuosity crosses over into glorious blends of musical genres such as pop, progressive rock, blues, jazz, classical and fusion. She has built a celebrated career out of a childhood dream. Determination, spunk, resolve and heart have allowed her to endure as one of the premiere back-up singers in the music business. Whether on tour or in the studio Sharon’s been right there – as they say – just 20 feet from stardom – with the most successful artists in the entertainment world.